I am having a bunch of questions running through my head about my dress like I’m not sure if anyone will like it. I mean i know all that matters is that I think I look pretty in it but for right now I guess I am just stressing. I also have no idea how many blog posts we are supposed to have on our blogs by the time senior project is done but I will hope that I will have enough to meet requirements. Anyway, on the dress front I am doing fantastic pretty much we have the skirt mostly done and we have all of the pieces cut out that go together onto the dress and the only thing left to get is the lining and the elastic. As well as maybe some additional things like accessories for the prom, earrings, jewelry  and whatnot. Other than that I am not stressing and I feel like I will for sure have my dress done in time for prom. I am on schedule for April  Oh, and Lindsey and I are working on getting a limo for prom its going to be the best thing ever and of course my dress will be amazing too!


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