Prom Dress Awesomeness!

    I am officially starting my project. Operation Prom Dress! The very first step of course is to be familiar with the pattern of the dress so we opened it up and laid the whole thing out on the cutting table. The pattern was huge and so fragile because of the kind of paper used. I thought I was going to rip it. Then after we knew what we needed to do for the first step we started cutting out all the pieces to dress C than something bad happened. We realized our egregious mistake. We bought the wrong size pattern!!! AHHH! So we had to run over to the local Santa Rosa Johannes and buy the next size up, thankfully they had one left. Than we got to work actually cutting out the fabric! It was fabulous and we definitely learned from our mistake! 



Now that we know all the pieces we need to cut out time to start cutting :D!




Once we got back than we really got down to business. 

I was even wearing my New Tech Gear, it’s just so comfy.

All the pieces have been cut out.

Linnea and I got to work on reading about all the details. You have to know exactly what you are doing before you are going to start.

She taught me how to draw the line and than cut the pattern on the correct line.

Cutting out the see through fabric that we call the “overlay.”

Work, Work, Work.


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