Winter Formal Dress: The Skirt

For the skirt we had to go through a long process. First we though that we would just keep the shape and cut the oval in the back however we found that we needed three more inches of fabric so we got creative and added the middle sheer fabric. Sewing it to the top of the skirt.Image

Sew, Sew, Sew…


And done! *Tries it on* Oh crud. So after we added the additional length we than realized we now had a width problem (this isn’t as easy as it looks you know). So we went back to ripping and added the same strip of fabric to the side seams on each side. Keep in mind that we had 3 layers of fabric to seam rip than three layers of fabric to add the strip of sheer fabric to. This took about 2 more hours and 2 cups of coffee.


We are now exhausted but we try to finish up the skirt so we cut out 6 more strips of sheer fabric, 3 for each side, and start pinning. Keep in mind the sheer fabric is two different kinds, the see through goldish color and then a barley see through white sheer so that on the skirt it would be layered. Now we just have to sew this in!Image



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