Weekend Adventure: A Learning Experience

          This weekend I did a lot of things that had to do with the skeet and trap team I am making for my senior project. It started on Saturday and went all the way to Sunday afternoon. I had so much fun and got in lots of practice for the future team. I think that this weekend was productive as well as a learning experience so here is the play by play.

Saturday morning after my swim-a-thon I hopped into the car with my dad, my brother Bradley, my dad’s friend Mr. Dusky, and my brother’s friend Cody Dusky. We then proceeded to drive 45 minutes up the valley and over the hill into Pope Valley for the Pope Valley Turkey Shoot. We spent 5 hours having fun, shooting guns, and talking to some good old country people. Some of the shooting we did were things like a 6 person competition heres how it works; you have 5 people lined up behind the numbers 1-5 and the sixth person is what you call “in the hole”. You only get 5 shots you shoot one station once and then move to the number to your right. Say, for example, I start at number two we then go down the line starting at 1 then 2 then 3 etc. after all 5 of us shoot we rotate to the right the person in the hole goes to 1 and 5 goes to the hole. Whoever shoots the most out of five wins and if there is a tie you shoot for the win Annie Oakley style. The rules of Annie Oakley style are too complex to explain correctly; you better shoot every pigeon or you lose. The last thing we did at the shoot was the annual Pope Valley Turkey Shoot Belt Buckle Contest. This is basically the biggest Annie Oakley style shoot you can imagine the upwards of 80 people in the advanced group lined up for this. We had tons of fun then we headed home due for even more fun the next morning.

Sunday morning I wake up at 4am ,which surprisingly in my house is almost normal, to get ready for my dad and I’s hunting adventure. I put on my camo shirt over my thin Under Armour shirt and pull on my tough jeans and wading boots as well as my waterproof jacket and hat. Then I grab a knife from my drawer put it in my pocket (never know when you will need a knife) grab our guns and load them in the truck. We are off! It was a surprisingly short drive to the marsh land that we were setting up, infact it was right behind the dairy on the way to sonoma next to a bunch of vineyards. It was still dark when we parked and put together all our gear; threw on our backpacks with food ammo and water, and slung our guns over our shoulders. The fog slowly started to roll in as we hiked through the pickleweed and tules to the edge of the marsh pond set down our stuff and waded out to set up decoys. The rest of the day was spent the normal and relaxing way of hunting, in quiet, watching waiting and talking. It was almost eleven thirty before we decided to pack up and head home, my dad and I shot at one bird and clipped it but it didn’t go down. However, it was a great “real life shooting experience” and I got some quality time with my dad and that is something I can never get enough of. Not to mention that while I had time to think in the quiet outdoors I came up with a lot of idea’s for my skeet and trap team.


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