Over th…

     Over the weekend I began both of my senior projects. To start Project Beta the first thing we needed to do was purchase fabric and a pattern. So on Sunday the 31st my Aunt, Grandmother, and I took a trip to Hancock Fabrics for their big sale! We spent 30 min looking for a pattern and in the end our pattern was gorgeous! Now all we needed was fabric, the big question is, what color? So after a good 25 minutes of discussion we decided on blue and silver because I mean who doesn’t look good in blue in silver? Like noone! We bought 3 yards of each and some fancy zippers, thread, and doodads and headed home. 

After we got home it was time for me to work on Plan A, Skeet and Trap. To start I spent 30 minutes researching many different things; prices, paperwork required, etc. This was very helpful and I got lots of information on what I would need to do to start things up, however, I had the perfect idea on how to start this. So I emailed 3 contacts of mine in each high school in Napa; Vintage, Napa High, and Justin. I asked them if they could make a list of students at their school interested in joining our team. To make it easier for them I also made a survey that they could send out so I could gather information and find out exactly how many people were actually interested and what experience with firearms that they had. It was a good start, now I will wait a week or two for the word to get around and see the results before I continue with meeting with my Co-Captains.


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