Most people are looking at me crazy, why is this girl doing two different senior projects at once when only one is required. Well that’s a simple question to answer, all semester Miss. Hale and Mr. Baldauf have been telling us to make sure our project does not fall through. Make sure it is all well backed so we don’t end up falling flat on our faces in the last leg of the race, so I am doing precisely that. The first Senior Project I had planned was very conditional, everything has to fall precisely into place for everything to work out perfectly. Based on this idea I decided to plan my backup project and I’m calling it project Beta. Now that you know why I have two projects lets get to what the projects are.

Plan A is complicated, and takes a lot of work but is something I am very passionate about. I will be creating a skeet and trap team for the city of Napa Valley. Anyone with gun safety will be able to join, and it will be very fun! Where I am right now in this project is just the start, compiling information, research, and paperwork. I will keep you updated on how my project is going.

Plan Beta will be officially starting on the 30th of September, this project is still very challenging but more individualized. I will be sewing my own prom dress and than hopefully wearing it to prom. The starting process of my project will begin on the 30th when I will be going to buy my dress fabric and all the materials needed for my prom dress. So Excited!!!!


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